Thursday, 12 December 2013


It is with sadness that I today formally announce the demise of a much loved friend. One of my fleet/quiver/stable* has shuffled off this mortal coil, the etsx is no more. Yep that creaking sound it had been suffering from for, oooh, ages, turned out to be terminal, crack in the seat tube, just a bit embarrassed at how long it took me to notice. It's not as tho I never wash my bike. Several years of solid performance, it has been my go to bike for long days in the saddle where distance rather than height has been the name of the game. Kielder 100, mary townley loop, dales rides, quite a few STW rides, lots of 3 towers loops and many other local rides. Wasn't very light, wasn't very surefooted on the downs but it was a good middle ground and the fastest (in a xc racer kinda way) mtb I've owned, I shall miss it.
Good times.

Nan Bield 14-11-2010
Nan bield winter ride
STW Swaledale ride 26-4-09
Swaledale, jeez was that really 4 years ago?
Clay Bank 4-6-09
Clay Bank 4-6-09

Happily RM have supplied me a new frame, not to look a gift horse in the mouth but it's got even more travel than the already overbiked etsx, I've already got a 5" and a 6" mtb so do I keep this 5andabit frame or flog it and buy a proper fast 29er? Hmmm shred or sell? Tear it up or trade it in? Rag it or retail it? (nobody say "mince or market?") Decisions, decisions.

*delete as appropriate, keep which ever you find most toe curlingly embarrassing ;-)

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