Monday, 29 July 2013


"A friend and an inspiration"
Deejays last ride a couple of weeks ago, really happy that I could make it. Quite a few of us set off from the dales mountian bike centre near Reeth. Absolutely gorgeous day, sunny, still, stunning views, perfect trails. We did a reverse of what I think was a regular loop, lots of climbing (well this was a deejay ride) so the chatting and catching up had to be squeezed in between the ups. Was a really nice day, I learnt not to try to keep up with the LBS owner up his local (steep) trails, it will only end in hurt. I tried a fat bike (thanks troutie) I mentioned the tyres seemed a bit hard, "yeah they're currently 8psi" (!) apparently 1 psi can make a big difference. I stalled on some steps of another climb so tried hopping my way up them, 99% of the time this ends in unmitigated failure, this time it somehow worked and I pedalled away, just also happened to be the time where, due to a bend in the trail, a load of the group had a perfect side on view of my trials shenanigans. I chatted to a few of the darlington crew who I hadn't seen in ages. Saw some of the hills I'd done in previous rides (i never seem to make many of the dales rides) recognised a few down on the way up them! Just a nice relaxed social ride, nice. Eventually We hit the top of fremy edge and descended the first little bit to find Deejay's remembrance, lovely spot, brilliant views and a very fitting tribute. Mrs deejay said a few words and one a daughter scattered his ashes. It was very emotional. We then clattered back to the car for cake and coffee. A good send off, we'll miss you Deejay.

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