Sunday, 23 June 2013


No gnar was harmed in the making of this post.
The big plan for summer solstice was an evening ride up snowdon, camp out and a trip up drum next day, unfortunately weather and other stuff (but mainly weather) meant last minute cancellation from me, some hardy souls did still brave the elements. Johnnie was up for a ride Saturday, forecast was orrible but weather out the window was looking iffy so I suited up, grabbed the blinglespeed for a change and in deference to the weather. I looked out the window to see monsoon conditions so I chilled for 5 mins while it cleared and then set off for what turned out to be a pretty decent ride. Climbing barrow bridge SS for the first time in 3 months(!) was a breathless affair but I made it. Was getting warm climbing and i was thinking of shedding the arm warmers but as I topped out the wind picked up. Went down hole in the wall and wildeswood, unaccustomed to skinny tyres and the saddle at full height my speed was lower but it felt like just as much of a challenge. Down the backs and up school climb, ouchy then headed down AICR. I met Johnnie just above top car park and we climbed to the pike, battled around the cobbled corner was going ok then the wind really hit on the last stretch to the top, a wall of wind. A rest and some fathers day cake at the top, mmmmmm. Didn't fancy getting blown sideways off the drops so I took the lefthand line and minced the ruts. Up hole in the wall was tough but doable then an easy pace up the road chatting away. On San Marino I took it easy again, lowering my saddle makes a massive difference, with it up I just can't absorb the bumps the same, respect to those who can manage to go just as quick with their saddle trying to batter their arse.

At the bottom we decided to extend the ride, there'd only been a little rain and despite johnnies hangover we were both feeling reet. Up through Belmont village and onto Wilton weavers, rain kicked off again but it was only 5 mins of horizontal rain then the clouds cleared for our climb up cartridge hill, it was clear skies and sun by the top.

But looking back towards chorley we could still see the grim weather

We went over to the tower via the rocky chute and the bonkers steep climb back up to the tower, beasted myself up there. Rain kicked off again so we had a walk up the tower, blowing a hooley at the top, good if rather grey views tho. We set off down sunnyhurst, proper quick, we split at the bottom Johnnie headed for great hill (where jumping over a waterbar the wind blew him 3ft sideways, rode it out tho) I dropped into Darwen. Legs were tired but figured it was an easy route home, forgetting about the climb out of the cemetery, but again a climb I normally grovel up in 22x32 I powered up without too much trouble, SSing is ace. Rode to the duck from cadshaw, steep climb out of turton res cat park but after that it was a fairly easy scoot home. Got home only slightly damp, tired but not destroyed. No tear arsing down super tech hills, just a nice ride round the countryside, 34 mile 4700ft, jobs a good un.


lowey said...

Johnnie had a hangover ??

Whats the world coming too.

Anonymous said...

be fair it was moderate as I knew i was riding so i limited myself to 1 1/2 pints.

I am a cheap night out for sure.
Last time I had two i was nearly sick for the ride the next day so took it easy...I am not even making this up

Was a cracking ride and could have been a lot worse given what it looked like did 29 miles and 1270 metres climbing