Monday, 24 September 2012

commuter success

This mornings commute, well it was windy, it rained the whole way in, I got a puncture (fortunately a topper upper, didn't have to replace tube midride) bike felt weird like the back end wasn't connected to the front, it was busy, it was murky, my stealth tights and neoprene overshoes leaked, my gloves were saturated I was soaked by the time I got to work...

and I loved it! over 2 weeks since I was on a bike, even a grim commute was awesome, sooo glad to be back on 2 wheels. Has to be said despite being damp I was snuggly warm, bolton coucil have widened some of the cycles lanes on my commute and no-one nearly killed me, so a better than average commute anyway :-) Just ordered some reproofer for the normally excellent stealths so should be sorted soon, mud tyre also ordered, winter it seems is upon us, lets see how my resolve holds out under the relentless rain we're getting.

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