Tuesday, 10 April 2012

How was it for you?

Well that's summer gone, hope you made the most of it. As mentioned I haven't maximised my riding but it's been ok. Back on the road last week, incident of note, coming home I briefly join the Manchester ring road, bit of dual carriageway, I could see on the other side a posh audi pulled up in lane 2 (of 2) cars behind him queueing up, honking and when they got the chance speeding around him with much revving of engines and grinding of teeth. On closer inspection he was looking out for a guy lying down, his head on central reservation, his feet in the road, dunno if he'd been hit or what but no-one else seemed to care except audi man. "what a load of uncaring gits" I though closely followed by "hmm wonder what's for tea" then followed by "that makes me and uncaring git too doesn't it" U-turn go back and help. Guy is OK just a bit befuddled having trouble walking, probably booze but don't like to assume. Me and audi man help him across the road out of harms way, one passer-by also asks if he can help but we've got it, another says "hur hur big pisshead" (well done!) car drivers don't make it easy for us even tho we are quite obviously helping a struggling man across a busy but slow moving road. Guy thanks us, we get going feeling all warm and fuzzy inside. Good deed done. Posh bloke in big expensive car turns out to be a nice bloke....

...unlike Jag driver this morning who starts off to my left at the lights, he's in lane 2 me in 3, we set off he gets just slightly ahead then cuts in front of me I slow, move to his right between 3 and 4, he slows so I start to overtake then he cut's infront of me again to join lane 4, when I make comment on this he gets irate and as I pass (I've slowed behind him and moved back into lane 3 now) starts to rev and steer towards me. Dick. Fortunately he's stuck in traffic so I ride off. Will have to keep an eye out for that nutter in the next few days in case he carries a grudge.

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