Thursday, 8 December 2011

Sods law in action

"Commuting has been fairly OK-ish, I've shouted at a few drivers not looking where they are going but nothing really scary, fingers crossed that continues or improves" How stupendously naive of me, had a run in with a lorry this morning. basic facts: me in mandatory cycle lane, flatbed lorry on road, lorry cut into my lane, my jacket caught on the mesh rebar (apparently - cheers lowey) on the back, jacket shredded. Nice. Knocked on door of lorry driver shouted something then drove off. Grrr. I was well lit up, hi vis-ed and I was not in a blind spot - I could plainly see driver in his mirror pity he didn't return the favour.


Weon said...

Did you get his plates? Time to report him to his employer/the fuzz.

D0NK said...

Didn't get company name, did get the plates, reported to police gonna be a month atleast, 1 week to process, 28days to ask who was driving, not sure if they'll even give me the company details then. Better buy a jacklet now and hope I get reimbursed at somepoint. Grrr.